What is the ATOMY Company? In short it is a free, online consumer shopping mall platform offering over 400 “curated” “mass-tige” products (Absolute High Quality with Absolute Low Affordable Prices). Started in 2009 in South Korea, ATOMY was built from the ground up for customer success.

The company operates with lean management and operations systems comprised of local offices and distribution in 18 countries with $1.7 Billion purchases (GMV) as of 2020 December.

Consumer members buy direct from manufacturers (DTC) through the official ATOMY online shopping malls in each country and receive loyalty point values (PV) that turns into cashback Everything is free – except for products consumers voluntarily buy, or not. No fees, No gimmicks, No risks.)

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ATOMY 2021 Company Profile Video

ATOMY 2021 Company Profile

Looking for latest snapshot of ATOMY? This ATOMY Company Introduction 2021, in 15 minutes, gives you that overview from SRM Syl Di Diego – Vision, Mission, Platform, Distribution, Achievements, Management, Compensation and Real Prize of ATOMY.

ATOMY Company Introduction 2020 Video

“ATOMY Company Introduction 2020 by SRM Syl Di Diego”

“ATOMY Company Introduction 2020: Best Online Shopping Platform for Cashback by SRM Syl Di Diego”

Learn all about Atomy Company’s online consumer shopping platform that generously shares profits as rebate cashback. Daily necessary products are of Absolute High quality and at Absolute Low affordable low prices. The Platform is free to consumers and consumer income seekers. SRM Syl Di Diego gives a through introduction.