Marketing & Comp

Marketing & Comp

In these videos you will find explanations of Atomy’s marketing and compensation plan including how to earn Point Values (PV), how your PV turns into cashback rebates, and how to collaborate with other consumers to accelerate and maximize your mutual cash rebate income and create real residual passive income.

ATOMY Compensation Plan

ATOMY shares profits with consumers as cashback. This is a huge opportunity for loyal, active ATOMY consumers to earn hundreds in cashback per month. For consumer entrepreneurs there is free opportunity to earn up to $50,000 per month in residual passive income (over time).

ATOMY Company Introduction and Marketing Plan Video

“{FULL} ATOMY Company Introduction & Marketing Plan at 2016 Success Academy NJ USA by SM Syl Di Diego

This is the popular Full ATOMY Company Intro & Marketing Plan live presentation by SM Syl Di Diego at the 2016 USA New Jersey Success Academy. Learn about the simple, yet detailed, specifics of ATOMY company, management, ecosystem, cashback and passive income earning potential when you shop on free ATOMY online shopping mall platform.

ATOMY Marketing & Compensation Plan Video

“ATOMY Marketing & Compensation Plan Is Helping Others to Succeed” by SM Edna Yumang

Helping Others to Succeed is the Essence of ATOMY Marketing and Compensation Plan as explained by SM Edna Yumang. She compares the lack of obstacles to join ATOMY versus other business systems – especially no fees and no licenses. Edna also explains the collaborative way people work together in ATOMY to be able to earn passive residual income.